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ISGAN, 전력시스템의 '유연성'에 관해 워크샵 진행 Date:2017-05-18 | Hit:2577
 ISGAN(International Smart Grid Action Network), 전력시스템의 '유연성'에 관해 워크샵 진행 / 2017년 9월 12일 벨기에



The FPS Economy, SME, Self-Employed and Energy - DG Energy & EnergyVille, would like to invite you to the public workshop of the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN):

Building the flexible power systems.

From analog to digital, from lorry to EV, from customers to prosumers

12 September 2017, 09h30-18h00

All over the globe, governments have set ambitious targets for the deployment of renewable energy sources. Unlocking the full flexibility potential throughout the power system is essential to enable these objectives. This ISGAN public workshop gathers world-class speakers from international organizations, public authorities, utilities and research institutes to exchange views on current and future energy policies, to showcase best practices and to bring together experts in various technologies to come to a power system vision.  

At Thor Central
Thor Park 8000
3600 Genk

Please find the detailed agenda and a practical information leaflet.

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory.

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